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Green Collection - 20 Bag

Green Collection - 20 Bag

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Surf the greenest waves. Dip into green pools of magical matcha and whole leaf greens made brilliant with cooling mint and refreshing lemon. Welcome in the spring of ginseng. Every tone and dappled shade of nature’s finest organic green teas are here in this glade. Let every sip bring you closer to a greener world. Contains 5 sachets each of the following premium Pukka green tea blends: Supreme Matcha; Clean Matcha; Mint Matcha and Ginseng Matcha. Enjoy the waves.

Dietary: Vegetarian, Vegan, Plant Based, Egg Free Recipe, Nut Free Recipe, Dairy Free Recipe, Lactose Free

Values: Certified Organic, Fair Trade, B Corp Certified Brand, GE Free Inputs

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certified-organic Certified Organic
vegan Vegan
plant-based Plant Based

ingredients and allergens

ingredients: Supreme Matcha Green, Clean Matcha Green, Mint Matcha Green, Ginseng Matcha Green

product information

item code: 13056
size: 20 Bag
origin: United Kingdom
brand: Pukka

nutritional information

Note: Product and Nutrition information may change from time to time. Please refer to the actual pack label for the most accurate data.

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