You can’t really mess up a salad recipe - they’re more a method of ‘throwing something together’ than anything else. They’re also really adaptable, so pretty much anything goes! Of course, a salad would not be complete without a decent dressing, so we’ve got a few summer salad recipes to inspire you below:

Mean Green Coconut Salad w/ Turmeric Dressing


This salad is loaded with colour, and is therefore big on nutrition too. The recipe is fairly adaptable, based on what is in season and what is in your fridge. The base is a combo of greens and shredded coconut - their flavours work perfectly with the turmeric dressing. If you’ve got some avocados around, make sure you add some too! You’ll up the fibre, protein and mineral content, plus get some good fats in there.

Kumara Salad w/ Red Lentil Spaghetti


Edamame, kumara and red lentil spaghetti are the base ingredients of this insanely delicious, and very substantial salad. Explore Cuisine Red Lentil Spaghetti keep it gluten-free, while upping the nutrients with around 11 grams of protein, and 3 grams of fibre per serve. These vegetable pasta options are great for summer salads, keeping the dish super light but still nutrient dense!

A combination of miso, cashew butter, spices and maple syrup create a delicious creamy dressing that works so well with a pasta based dish. Served with torn basil leaves, almonds and sprouts, these final additions give this salad another flavour boost, while adding texture and valuable vitamins and minerals.

Red Rice Salad w/ Creamy Coriander Miso Dressing


Another great salad that is easy to throw together, and you probably have enough vegetables lying around to make it, or a variation of it. The creamy cashew and coriander dressing brings it together perfectly, and is worth making a double batch of for keeping in the fridge for later.

Herbed Rice Medley Salad w/ Tahini Dressing


Rice is a go-to grain that is highly economical, not to mention a pantry must-have, especially for those following avoiding gluten. But do you have red rice in your pantry? Red rice is sort of special, because it gets its colour from anthocyanin’s, a group of very active biological compounds with high antioxidant activity, making it a very affordable superfood.


You could really add any vegetables and herbs to this salad, just make the most of what you have. And the tahini dressing will take it from meh to yeah! Make a double batch of the dressing and keep it in the fridge for other salads and vegetable dishes, like baked vegetables, or wedges of roasted pumpkin - sometimes vegetables need a bit of help.

Green Quinoa Tabbouleh w/ Tzatziti Sauce


Maybe you have a bag of quinoa in the pantry that you haven’t got around to using yet, or if you’re just looking for a different way to use this ancient grain. Look no further! This is quite possibly one of the yummiest ways to have quinoa.


The magic ingredient is the preserved lemon (besides quinoa of course). You can easily preserve your own lemons, or alternatively use boiled lemon – it will give you the flavour kick that takes this salad to the next level.


This salad is pretty simple, so you could add other vegetables to bulk it up, or to use up what you have in your fridge.


This tzatziti sauce is hands down one of the greatest sauces, period. Make a double batch and keep the left overs in the fridge to make other salads or vegetable dishes taste absolutely amazing. It will not disappoint.


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