Looking for something delicious and healthy for your festive gatherings? We've got 9 delicious, healthy desserts that are free from all things - so they can be enjoyed by all and easily transported too (if you're going places).


We all tend to indulge a little more during the festive season but with these 9 healthy desserts, it is unlikely you’ll need much more than a small slice to feel satisfied. These desserts combine healthy fats with nutrient dense whole foods loaded with vitamins and minerals – nutrients that nourish your body. We hope you find something delicious to make these holidays below.

Gingerbread cake with chocolate frosting


One for the festivities... spiced gingerbread with chocolate frosting! Just 2 bowls - no fancy equipment (or ingredients) and only 15 minutes' prep time! Perfect for taking round to friends, to the beach or sharing round home. Make it here.

Chocolate Hazelnut Torte


Our friends over at Little Bird Organics kindly provided us with the recipe for this chocolate hazelnut torte - from Megan's latest book, 'Little Bird Goodness'. What makes this healthy raw dessert rad is you'll make the filling from avocados instead of cashews - making the recipe more economical.


In addition to being super creamy and delicious, this chocolate hazelnut torte is free from all things gluten, egg and dairy related, so this one can be enjoyed be all. Made from organic whole foods, this dessert is a significant nutritional upgrade on your typical cheesecake. Make it here.

Chocolate caramel slice


Inspired by our friends over at SIP kitchen, this raw caramel slice is everything you would expect, gooey, and dense in a good way. A serious upgrade from the kind of caramel slice you might find at a corner bakery, this slice contains good fats, plant protein and those carbs – you get trace minerals and vitamins so no empty calories here. Make it now!

Black bean brownie


Dessert plus protein hit in one = winning! These black bean brownies take just 10 minutes to whip up and your oven does the rest. Gooey, chocolatey perfection. So easy to pop in a container for taking round to friends too. It also keeps in the fridge so you can prep this ahead of time as well. Get the recipe here.

Mini avocado lime tarts


Avocados are not just for guacamole or smashing on toast, they also make very substantial, ultra thick and creamy mousse. While the mousse is awesome on its own, it is even better cased in little nut tart shells. These little lime tarts make the perfect dessert, plus they are portion controlled if you tend to go a bit overboard! Get the recipe here.

Vegan chocolate cake


Super simple, almost fail proof chocolate cake that is completely vegan! No hard to find ingredients here either, you’ll have most of what you need in your pantry already. No equipment required for this chocolate goodness. Get the recipe here.

Chocolate citrus tart


A favourite, this cacao citrus cheesecake is unbelievably good. A skim through the ingredients list should be all the convincing you need - everything combined is going to deliver a delicious result. This tart is a cacao crust, encasing a rich super smooth chocolate filling. You can grab the recipe here.

Mini velvet cakes


There were some requests for recipes that ‘hid’ vegetables, so here you go, a raw beet chocolate torte. The chocolate shards are optional, or you can just scatter cacao nibs and your cake will still impress.


We love how this cake is completely indulgent but also nutrient packed, especially with healthy fats so it’s pretty unlikely that you’ll need much more than a small slice to feel satisfied. Make it here.

Almond butter tarts


If you’re short on time but want dessert to feed half a dozen or so people, this super simple almond butter tart recipe is your solution. With only 6 ingredients that you’ve possibly got in your pantry already, this recipe is also really adaptable. No almond butter? Switch it out for peanut butter or another nut butter, and same with the brown rice malt syrup, maple syrup will still work too. Get the recipe here.


Most importantly, these almond butter chocolate tarts are rich and satisfying, half might be all you need to get that sweet fix and of course the healthy wholefood benefits.


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