Ceres Organics has always worked hard to find products from producers who know how to grow and process food in traditional and authentic ways.

Quality and maintenance of food value are paramount and the differences between tasting good and tasting great are in our repertoire of quality. Of course, they must be fully certified organic and understand the value of and have the mission to bring organic food to the market.

We are very happy to have found a traditional mustard manufacturer from the small village of Saint Thibault in France, who have worked hard with us to create our new Ceres Organics Mustards using their artisan knowledge of what makes a great mustard.

A great mustard starts with the best possible seeds grown organically. Our seeds are carefully selected from some of the places in the world where the plants grow to their fullest form, Canada, Ukraine, and France.  They blend and choose each variety of mustard seed to match the desired product taste and textures.

Ceres Organics are bringing three classic mustards to the market each embodying its true characteristics. 

Our new Dijon Mustard, is made not far from Dijon itself, and involves a careful selection of brown mustard seeds, and its the grinding of the seeds that determine the quality of the mustard. The heat of the brown mustard is released giving Dijon mustard its particular quality. Over time this heat fades and it becomes a milder mustard, so if it’s heat you love the jar should not be stored for too long. This is the classic mustard that is often used with a meat dish.

Our new Wholegrain Mustard is made with brown mustard seeds and is easily identifiable from the presence of the whole mustard seeds. This is the mustard you would use in cooking, working it in with a cream or sauce to add flavour, or to make your own dressing.

Our new American Mustard uses a blend of yellow/white and oriental mustard varieties carefully ground with the addition of onion, black pepper, curry, cloves, nutmeg and turmeric which gives it its delicious yellow colour. This mustard is ideal to spread on a sandwich or to accompany a hotdog. Yum!

We are really excited to have these products coming to your cupboards soon! 


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