We have all had days that get away on us where we haven’t been able to make it to the supermarket, but we still want to throw together something delicious and nutritious.

Here I am listing my favourite pantry staples from Ceres Organics with a focus on versatility. Be sure to check out the recipe section here online to explore loads of recipes that use the ingredients mentioned.

  • Black Beans: I always have at least one can in the pantry at all times. Ceres Organics Black Beans are an affordable price, and ready to go with a simple drain and rinse. My favourite ways to enjoy them are; Mexican tacos and nachos, bean salads, black bean brownie, savoury beans on toast, in vege bakes, and in vege soups.
  • Peanut Butter: an absolute must in my household! I use it for sauces, bliss balls, pancakes, as a dipper for fruit, in smoothies, in raw slices, on toast and crackers, on a spoon as an energy hit, and even a little bit spread on a bone as a very special treat for my dog!
  • Brown Lentils: perfect to throw together a fast vege curry, served with rice, or on toast the next day. In salads, fritters and stir fried with some seasoning then tossed through with roast vege.
  • Organic Rice: we love rice in our household, for stir fries, with curries, and I even love to make a black rice coconut pudding.
  • Dried Pasta: pasta is probably the most common emergency meal I can pull off - throw in some black olives, a tin of sardines, stir through some pesto and its done! Great hot in meals, and cooled for pasta salads in summer.
  • Olives: amazing as a snack, chopped through salads, pastas, in lunchboxes, on crackers, for platters and easy olive tapenades.
  • Gherkins: I discovered the wonderful partnership of gherkins with eggs about a year ago and now find it hard to have eggs without them! So versatile for salads, platters, on crackers, on toast, burgers, and even chopped and stirred through roast vege. The zing of the gherkins provides a really lovely culinary balance which can elevate otherwise bland dishes.
  • Ceres Organics Crackers: I have been slightly addicted to these for years. Light, crispy and perfect for snacking, dipping, and sometimes I even break them up to sprinkle over salads. Great for lunchboxes too.
  • Quinoa: Such a versatile item. I love quinoa for any savoury dish that would otherwise call for rice, also in baking!

So there you have it. I hope this inspires you to have a little staple section in your pantry that you can call on for those busy moments, knowing that you’ve got several options with just a handful of things!