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an apple cider vinegar a day keeps charles and family in play

We asked Charles, our Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) supplier, “what’s the best part of your job?”, to which he half-jokes “the day the Ceres Organics order comes in.” Likewise, one of our favorite days is when said ACV arrives at Ceres Organics Head Quarters.

It all begins with organically grown apples, which start their life on an orchard in sunny Rangiora, carefully looked after by Charles and his extended family (even Grandpa gets out in the orchard!). Although they’re deemed ‘rejects’ by supermarket aesthetic standards, these apples do just fine as the sole ingredient in our ACV. No part of the apple is wasted in this organic operation; the by-product (apple pulp) is sent to local dairy farms as healthy feed for cows. The juice extracted from these apples then spends six weeks fermenting before being packed into the Ceres Organics glass bottle.

The top quality and taste of Ceres Organics ACV is clearly recognized. With demand continuing to grow in both supermarkets and health food
stores it has become one of Ceres Organics favorite products.

“we love having a product in our hero range that’s New Zealand grown and made. If only there were more large scale certified organic farms in New Zealand able to keep up with demand” states Noel Josephson, Ceres Organics Founder.

Our partnership kicked off around 17 years ago when Charles approached us about distributing his families new certified organic ACV. Before producing ACV they exported conventional apples, but as the export market became increasingly tough-going they started to explore other business options.

Charles told us “we decided on making apple cider vinegar, but we wanted to make it the healthiest and best quality
possible. We knew that conventional growing means spraying apples with who knows what, and as we loved the idea of organics and getting back to basics, we decided this was the only way forward for us.”

Their apple trees took a knock when they started the 5-year process of converting their farm to organic, but now they’re resilient and strong. So strong in fact that they’ve expanded the farm by purchasing more land next door to keep up with the growing demand for organic
apples. Charles will continue to spend his days being splashed by organic apple cider vinegar, while New Zealand, and beyond, continue to drink it.

Let’s have an apple cider vinegar shot to that!

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