The cost of food now is top of our minds as we stroll the supermarket aisles. Healthy eating and home cooking for the family can still be achieved with our top 10 helpful tips we have put together for you.


1. Buy in bulk on non-perishables when they are on sale. Items such as organic canned beans, chickpeas, coconut milk and dried pastas are a great pantry staple, so when you see prices reduced and on sale, grab more than you need. They will keep for a long time, and can be used for many different meals. Dips, salads, stews, curries, baking, and slow cooks.

2. Shop at your local farmers markets for fresh organic produce. This will also mean that you are buying seasonal which is a bonus.

3. Stock up the freezer. Bulk cooking and freezing in portions is a great way to avoid wastage, and gets the most out of your ingredients. Simple things like freezing your organic tomato paste in an ice cube tray, or even organic pasta sauces once the jars are open, keeps them longer and reduces the chance of them going off in between uses. You would be surprised at what can be frozen, even cooked pancakes!

4. Stick to what you know. Although it is always tempting to try the latest trending recipe, there are no guarantees that it will work out. Failed recipes mean having to discard the food, unless it can be started again and tweaked, like a bliss ball mix for example. Keep to simple, tried and tested recipes that you know well, so you can ensure nothing goes to waste.

5. When hosting friends or family, have “bring a plate” dinner parties, or “bring a vegetable”, and you can chop them all up and make a nourishing delicious soup for a large group.

6. Try making things from scratch. If you are confident in the kitchen, staples such as homemade organic bread and pasta can be such a money saver, plus it is so satisfying making your own. Great for the kids to get involved too!


7. Don’t shop when you are hungry. This is one that is often mentioned in a weight management reference, however it’s just as relevant for saving money. When we are hungry, suddenly everything that isn’t on our list looks that much more appealing! Also if you can, leave the kids at home, or shop while they’re at school to avoid impulse buys to keep them quiet.

8. Grow your own organic fruit and vegetables. This is easier said than done for many of us, but even a simple herb garden will be rewarding and money saving!

9. Pay by cash. Take a set amount of money that you need to stick to, if it doesn’t fit within the budget then it doesn’t come home!

10. Prepare the weeks meals. By having at least some form of planning around what you will be cooking, you can avoid the extra petrol use to and from the supermarket for those “what are we having for dinner” moments. Perhaps even have themed nights, such as Taco Tuesday or Spaghetti Sunday.

    We hope this help some of you to keep not only the grocery bill in check, but your bank balance too. Happy cooking!


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