As we head back to work and school, we’re all on the lookout for ideas and inspiration to fill those lunch boxes. It can be challenging packing something that’s equally as nutritious as it is interesting – and something kids will actually eat.


We sat down with Mum and recipe creation legend Sarah Tanner to get a few ideas. Feel free to share with your friends in need.


Banana Jam Pops


Ideal for after school, after work or as a treat snack with benefits! These can be kept in the freezer for around 3 months, so it’s a good idea to make plenty!


Grab and Go Breakfast Bars


We can’t go wrong with an easy bar recipe that’s great for breakfast, snacks and lunchboxes.


A key factor is to keep the cost down, so rest assured there is nothing too extravagant in here. If you wanted to jazz it up you could add in freeze-dried berries. You can use a dehydrator if you have one to keep all the nutrients in tact, although a conventional oven would be fine. By setting and slicing before dehydrating, or baking, you get a nice crispy outer to the bars, whilst retaining the softness inside.


Give them a try, a great addition to the school lunch box when they return to learning.


Sunshine Cheesy Popcorn


Popcorn is a favourite in many homes, and it’s such a cost effective snack that is really very versatile! Here, we've partnered the golden kernel with nutritional yeast which adds B vitamins as well as a “cheesy” flavour that everyone will love.


Rice Cake Choc Chip Hemp Cookies


This is definitely going to be a winner - Rice Cake Choc Chip Hemp Cookies! We also love how versatile our rice cakes are. You can top them with anything you like or use them in this delicious chocolate crackle recipe, a classic that has been made healthier.


Sushi Balls


This recipe is perfect for all ages, and no need for dipping sauce with all the goodies built in! These are loaded with healthy carbs for extended energy, iodine rich and oh-so tasty.


If you run out of time to make something we are here to help. We have loads of amazing organic lunchbox solutions offering clean ingredient lists. Make sure you stock up for those times you are caught short.


  • Gherkins
  • Rice crackers and rice cakes
  • Crispy Rice Clouds
  • Seaweed Snacks
  • Raw bars


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