Did you know? Every year Kiwis send a whopping 157,389 tonnes of food waste to landfill. That amount of food could feed the population of Dunedin for nearly three years!*. Some products such as canned foods can last a long time if stored and sealed appropriately so don't throw them out just yet!


Black Beans are a total winner to have in the pantry, ready for a rainy day. With their dense texture and earthy flavour, black beans are super versatile, plus they're loaded with natural goodness including protein and dietary fibre! They are also brilliant to bulk up a meal or add to leftovers for the next day.


Black bean and oat sliders

In this recipe the Black Beans work perfectly to help bind the recipes together, add a great source of protein and a delicious savoury flavour. We love to make the patty’s small to fit into slider buns. However, you can easily pat them into larger burger patties too.


Black bean brownies with chocolate frosting


Ready in 45 minutes these delicious dense and fudgy brownies really hit the sweet spot. You can feel good about having one too many of these.


Rich chocolate black bean mousse


You may have tried black bean brownies before, but have you given black bean mousse a go? This recipe can be made a day in advance so it has time to thicken up beautifully, and served with chopped nuts, or fresh fruit, the whole family will love it. We love how versatile black beans are. They are perfect for both sweet and savoury meals. You can watch a feel reel video of this recipe here.


Black bean soup

This black bean soup is filling and flavourful, a nourishing combo that basically combines some pantry staples in a pot for around a half hour to simmer – so it’s very hands off. It’s gluten free too. So if you were in need of a little comfort food recipe inspo, definitely give this black bean soup a go.


Yoghurt and black bean dip

Black beans are perfect in any Mexican dish like this yoghurt and black bean dip with turmeric flat breads. Okay, okay I know we said 4 recipes but we needed to sneak these blistered bean tortilla wraps in there too if you love a Mexican style meal.


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