Every year staff at Ceres Organics get 4 positive impact days to create positive impact – whether that’s for their family, themselves, their community or the environment.

In this journal we share some recent stories from the impact days of our staff. 

Firstly we spoke to Alex, CEO of Ceres Organics;

In February this year Alex took an Impact Day to join one of our customers, Clint Hall from Almar Organics, on their beautiful market garden organic farm at Splitters Creek in NSW.  Clint grows organic produce to supply his own retail store and local community throughout the year.

It was an awesome opportunity for Alex to discuss everything organic with a customer living the organic lifestyle to not only understand more about organic vegetable production, but also to better understand the challenges and opportunities faced by our retail customers and to talk about the topics raised regularly by our core consumers who are also heavily invested in the growth of organic food.

On a gorgeous sunny day (albeit very hot!) Alex and Clint talked about the industry whilst hand weeding leek beds and preparing beds for new seedling planting though minimum till practices (read by hand!)

It was a fabulous day out in nature surrounded by inspiring people.

Next up we have Amy, our Head of Marketing & Strategy;

Amy recently hosted an "Organic day" at her son's school. Amy's son Ari, aged 7 is one of many "eco warriors" at his school with the important role of promoting sustainability and building awareness of the things schools can do to help better protect people and the planet.

Amy ran a talk on organics and sustainability and made a number of organic recipes with classrooms.

The below photos are of Amy's children Ari and Ayla making cereal following the talk on organics and sustainability.

We look forward to sharing more of our positive impact stories here.