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tropical coconut wafers

ready in: 30 minutes

servings: 4

by: Ceres Organics

We’ve taken our organic coconut wafer rolls and transformed them into a delicious dessert perfect for summer entertaining!


  • 400ml Ceres Organics Coconut Cream
  • ½ cup Ceres Organics Icing Sugar
  • ½ tsp vanilla extract
  • 1 packet Ceres Organics Coconut Wafer Rolls, Original
  • 150g mango
  • ¼ of a pineapple
  • 2 tbsp passionfruit pulp
  • 1 tsp fresh mint


  1. Chill the coconut cream in the fridge overnight. Then, chill a stainless steel bowl in the fridge for 10 minutes.
  2. Scoop the hardened coconut cream from the top of the can and place in the bowl. Ensure you don't get any of the liquid part in the bowl. Whip with an electric hand mixer for 20-30 seconds, then add the icing sugar and vanilla extract and whip for a further minute without over-whipping.
  3. Spoon the coconut cream into a piping bag and refrigerate.
  4. Slice the skin off the mango and pineapple. Chop into very small cubes and add to a bowl.
  5. Finely chop the mint. Add to the mango and pineapple, along with the passionfruit pulp. Set aside.
  6. Pipe the coconut cream into the coconut wafer rolls.
  7. Pipe a little whipped coconut cream onto a plate. Place the coconut wafer rolls on top with a spoon of tropical fruit salsa on top or on the side. Enjoy!


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