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Ceres Organics

Organic Amaranth Puffs - 150g

Organic Amaranth Puffs - 150g

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At Ceres Organics we like to keep things pure and wholesome. That’s why our Amaranth Puffs are just that. Straight up goodness! From a Greek word meaning ‘never-fading flower’, Amaranth was a staple in the diet of the ancient Aztecs, believing it to have supernatural powers. Today, it’s revered for its amazing nutrition profile, including protein and dietary fibre. A great choice for those avoiding wheat, our Amaranth Puffs have a unique, mild-toasted flavour and ‘soft crunch’ texture that adds character to baked goods. It also makes a delicious breakfast cereal – simply add your favourite milk and toss in some fresh fruit and nuts.

Dietary: Vegetarian, Vegan, Plant Based, No Added Sugar, Low Sugar, Egg Free Recipe, Nut Free Recipe, Dairy Free Recipe, Lactose Free, Fibre Source

Values: Certified Organic, Fair Trade, B Corp Certified Brand, GE Free Inputs

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certified-organic Certified Organic
vegan Vegan
plant-based Plant Based

ingredients and allergens

ingredients: Certified Organic Amaranth Puffs

product information

item code: 11527
size: 150g
storage: Contains an oxygen-absorbing sachet to maintain freshness. Once opened, store in airtight container.
origin: Product of Peru, packed in New Zealand
brand: Ceres Organics

nutritional information

serving size: 35 g (4 servings per pack)

NutritionAverage Per ServeAverage Per 100g
Energy (kJ)5441550
Protein (g)4.813.6
Fat, total (g)2.47
- saturated (g)0.51.5
Carbohydrate (g)22.965.3
- sugars (g)0.61.7
Dietary Fibre (g)2.36.7
Sodium (mg)14

Note: Product and Nutrition information may change from time to time. Please refer to the actual pack label for the most accurate data.

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