Need more fibre in your life? Rather than spending money on supplements - many of which are loaded with artificial additives, take psyllium. Just 1 tablespoon of psyllium husk contains around 5 grams of fibre. Think of it’s as a whole food supplement.


Ideally we need around 25 grams to 30 grams of fibre a day, most of us wouldn’t even get close! So if the struggle is real taking psyllium husk daily is as simple fix. It’s also an easy way to avoid constipation! Below are 5 ways to get more psyllium in you.

But first, what is psyllium husk?

Psyllium husk is an edible soluble fiber and prebiotic, perhaps best known for it’s colon cleansing abilities. Often referred to as a bulking fiber, psyllium is able to hold up to to 16 times its dry volume in water!


Once ingested, it expands, forming a gel-like mass by drawing water in from the colon. It then promotes easy, healthy elimination by sweeping waste out of the colon more quickly and efficiently.


In comparison to over the counter chemical laxatives psyllium husk is ‘non habit forming’ with no known side effects. Studies have also shown that psyllium is safe, well-tolerated and improves glycemic control for people with diabetes. Double happy.

Down it with water – lots of water

Since the fibre in psyllium husk absorbs loads of water, make sure to drink enough water when taking psyllium husk so your digestive tract is optimally hydrated. Just add 1 tablespoon of psyllium husk to a glass of water, coconut water or juice. Easy as.

Blend it into your smoothies

Bulk up the nutritional content of your smoothies by adding in a tablespoon of psyllium. You won’t even notice it in there but your body will thank you for it. Give these greens with chia and psyllium a go.

Add it to your oatmeal

Depending on how you have your oats, say you do 1 cup, that’s 10 grams of fibre right there. Add in 1 tablespoon of psyllium, that adds around another 5 grams of fibre. Add 1 tablespoon of chia seeds and you’ve boosted the fibre content another 5 grams. That’s a total of 20 grams of fibre and it isn’t even 10am! How easy was that? Here's a 5 minute oatmeal to start you off.

Baking with psyllium husk

Psyllium husk is a popular ingredient in breads. It is most probably known for it’s inclusion in My New Roots Life Changing Loaf of Bread recipe. You’ve heard of it. If not, here is the recipe.


Olivia Scott, founder of The Raw Kitchen, often uses psyllium husk in her raw cheesecake recipes as psyllium husk will set your mixture. We made her coconut cheesecake with it here, and it’s damn good.

Use psyllium husk as a thickener

Psyllium husk is also an inexpensive binding agent. Just a half teaspoon of psyllium husk per serving is going to be enough to thicken your favourite recipes.

Is there such thing as too much psyllium husk?

Your body is going to tell you if you are overdoing it on psyllium. You’d usually start to feel pretty bloated. And if you are taking psyllium, make sure you’re drinking loads of water!


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