The humble oat…well, one would think. Turns out some oats are humbler than others – and organic oats…the humblest of them all. They come with no added extras, like synthetic pesticides and fertilisers. And definitely not that fancy as chemical, banned in the EU: glyphosate (also known as Roundup). Did you know glyphosate has been found on two well-known NZ brands of oats? Both had residues approximately three times higher than the specified maximum residue levels. You can read the article here. Rest assured, Ceres Organics Oats passed with flying colours - figuratively speaking of course, no colours in sight with organics!


What is in sight? A better future for us all. We know, it sounds like a very grand statement, but it’s true. Organic agriculture is inherently more sustainable that conventional agriculture. It is grown in a way that prioritises the health of the soil and environment, including the surrounding flora and fauna, by focusing on the long-term health of their land, waterways, soil and livestock, rather than the short-term gain of cheap food for maximum profits. We believe organic production is the only sustainable option for keeping ourselves, our environment and future generations intact.


Oats will help keep your body intact too. They are a particularly good source of fibre, especially beta glucan. Due to their many benefits, including lowering cholesterol levels, oats have gained considerable attention as a health food.


Now, how to use the humble oat…

1. We’ll start with the obvious – Overnight Oats. An absolute life-saver when you’ve got a busy morning ahead and still want a filling, wholefood breakfast. You’ll find a bunch of flavour ideas right here, how good do they all look?!



2. Oat milk is basking in the plant-milk spotlight right now. And for good reason, it’s more sustainable than most alternatives and a lot creamier than plant-based options such as almond or rice milk. Making your own is easier than you’d think, we have some recipes here. Strawberry and chocolate flavoured, uh yes please.



3. What better to munch away on while drinking your choccy oat milk? A Toasted Oat and Coconut Granola Bar, that’s what. This wholesome bar will have you wondering if you can ever go back to store brought. They are chewy and a little sweet, plus the goji berries give an added dose of superfood sweetness.



4. From breakfast and snacking, to dinner, oats are multipurpose. Check out these Oat and Black Bean Sliders. The fibre from the oats, protein from the black beans, vitamins and minerals from a healthy slaw – you’ve made yourself one winning meal. No burger is complete with a generous dollop of tomato sauce though, be sure to look out for our new low sugar t-sauce, the taste is unreal!



While all these recipes focus on Rolled Oats, we also have Steel Cut and Quick Cook up our sleeves. Steel Cut are exactly what they sound like, instead of being rolled flat, a wholegrain oat has simply been chopped in half with a big ol’ steel blade. This means they take longer to cook but the result is worth the wait. You’ll have chunkier, chewier oats, with a nuttier flavour. Toward the end of your cook, stir a generous spoonful of Almond or Cashew Butter through for a hit of indulgence. Here’s a recipe to get you started.



And Quick Cook. Thanks to their petite size, as you’d expect, they cook much faster. They are simply wholegrain oats are rolled into small thin flakes. They are the softest and creamiest texture in the oat family. You can use these for overnight oats too.

So, we’ve covered some delish ways to get oats into your body, now how about on your body...Oat milk bath anyone? This is especially good in these colder, drier months to have your skin feeling soft and supple, once more. All you have to do is grind ½ cup of oats and combine with 1 cup dried coconut milk power and ¼ cup baking soda. It’s a lovely idea to include around five drops of quality essential oil too. Just stir this all together and store in an airtight jar, ready to add few scoops to your next bath. Or this makes a cute gift!

Be sure to look out for Ceres Organics new oat packaging in your next shop. You’ll find comprehensive cooking instructions on pack for all three types and our recipe page for even more oatspiration.


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