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Sonett Olive Laundry Liquid for Wool & Silk - 1 ltr

Sonett Olive Laundry Liquid for Wool & Silk - 1 ltr

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Sonett's delicate wash with pure organic olive oil soap to protect all of your delicate fabrics. Suggested wash water temperature between 20–40 °C. For all fabrics made of natural fibres as well as blended fabrics. Maintains elasticity and softness. With the delicate fragrance of certified organic essential lavender oil. 100% biodegradable, suitable for septic tanks and filtration systems.

In this product, high-grade pressed olive oil is being processed to obtain soap which possesses outstanding cleansing properties that are nurturing for woollen and silk fabrics and restore their deficient protective hydrolipidic film. Using sugar surfactant, a soap-based detergent for delicate fabrics is obtained which is very user-friendly even with hard water, yet maintaining all positive properties of a soap-based detergent. Olive oil, rapeseed and sunflower oil as well as the essential lavender oil originate 100 % from certified organic cultivation.

Application: Use the detergent compartment of the washing machine. Do not squirt concentrated washing liquid onto the dry laundry. Doing so could discolour delicate fabrics. For handwashing, add 15–30 ml per approx. 5 litres of water and then place garments into solution. Agitate gently. Rinsing water and wash water should be of similar temperature in order to prevent temperature shock.

If you would like to purchase this product in 10 or 20 litre sizes, please let us know!
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