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Sonett Stain Removal Spray - 100ml

Sonett Stain Removal Spray - 100ml

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Sonett's very gentle Stain Removal Spray. Containing organic Quillaja*, this completely natural spray is suitable for delicate textiles such as wool and silk. Effective against stains from fruit, cocoa, ballpoint, grease, etc. 100% biodegradable.

Application / Dosage: For stain removal, also on delicate textiles such as wool and silk (test fabric's colour fastness on a concealed spot, if necessary) place a paper towel underneath the stained fabric, spray stain from closest proximity possible and leave for approx. 30 seconds. Dab with absorbent paper from above – do not rub. Moisten new sheet of paper with water, place dry sheet of paper under the fabric and once again dab thoroughly.

For pre-treating garments: spray stained textile from closest proximity and leave on to be effective for approx. 10 min. Put garment into the washing machine and wash immediately for best results.

*Sugar, starch, and coconut oil are the raw materials used for the sugar surfactants. The organic Quillaja is obtained from a certified cultivation project in Chile and enhances the stain-removing performance of the sugar surfactant thanks to its saponin content.
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