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Weleda Arnica/Symphytum Comp 30ml - 30ml

Weleda Arnica/Symphytum Comp 30ml - 30ml

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Oral homeopathic remedy. Also available in 100ml.

Assists with the healing of injuries to bones, cartilage, ligaments, and tendons such as tendinitis, sprain/strains, backache, bruises to bony areas, and broken bones

Also excellent remedy to help relieve OOS (Occupational Overuse Syndrome; RSI).

Dosage: Take 5 drops (child under 7 years) or 10 drops (7 to 14 years) or 15 drops (adult) every two hours. As symptoms improve reduce dosage to 3 times daily. Or use as directed by your health care professional.

For best results team with Tendinitis Cream used externally.
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ingredients and allergens

ingredients: Contains equal parts of: Allium cepa 3x; Arnica 3x; Ruta graveolens 3x; Symphytum, decoct. 3x; in water/ethanol base.

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item code: 30060
size: 30ml
brand: Weleda

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