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Weleda Tendinitis Cream 36ml - 36ml

Weleda Tendinitis Cream 36ml - 36ml

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Superb natural herbal product for the relief of tendinitis, pulled muscles, sprains and strains, eg. RSI (OOS)

Use on twisted ankles, strained backs, bruises, especially to bony areas, eg. blow to the shin: broken bones after cast taken off.

Directions: Adults/Children: Gently massage a small amount into the affected area, three to four times daily in the acute stage and twice daily as the condition improves, or use as directed by your health care professional.
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ingredients and allergens

ingredients: Each 1g contains: Tincture, equiv. fresh juice: Allium cepa, bulb 25mg; Oxalis acetosella, leaf 25mg; Ruta graveolens, herb 25mg; Decoction, equiv. fresh juice: Symphytum officinale, root 20mg; Tincture, equiv. dry: Arnica montana, flower 9mg; Arnica montana, rad. 1mg; Oil extract, equiv. fresh: Hypericum perforatum, flower 20mg; Oil extract, equiv. dry: Arnica montana, flower 13.1mg; and essential oils: Camphor 20mg; Lemon Oil 11.3mg; Rosemary Oil 20mg; in a base containing natural vegetable oils and beeswax.

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size: 36ml
brand: Weleda

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