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Sonett All Purpose Cleanser (concentrate) - 500ml

Sonett All Purpose Cleanser (concentrate) - 500ml

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Sonett's All Purpose Cleanser is a very economical concentrate with pure vegetable surfactants.
Cleans all surfaces effectively and gently. Suitable for floors, tiles, windows, bathroom and kitchen fittings and fixtures. With the fresh natural fragrance of orange and organic lemongrass oil. Great for cleaning large areas economically e.g. windows.

100% biodegradable and suitable for septic tanks and filtration systems.

Dosage: For use in mopping water add 5–10 ml of All-Purpose Cleanser per 10 litres of water, depending on the degree of soiling.
Undiluted apply a few drops to a sponge or moistened cloth.
For the cleaning of windows: Add 5 ml to 5 litres of water. Use sponge and squeegee.

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